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If you are worried about the weight of your dog or cat (over or under), make an appointment with Jayne our Slimming Support nurse.

She has built up quite a reputation with encouragement and enthusiasm for all and we have found pets and owners are returning every week to check progress towards their goal.

Jayne understands how hard it can be sometimes and will never let anyone feel disheartened. Her triumphs are now numerous and the story of Tiggi is a great testimonial of her work.

Book a FREE consultation with Jayne on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and see your pet slimmer, happier and healthy.

Christine Foulkes, owner of Country Kennels and Cattery sponsored the Slimmer of the Year competition and donated two prizes of comfy deep beds with a special embroidered emblem.

We have two winners in 2016 as they could not be separated and we congratulate them both.

dog weight lossOur second slimmer of 2016

Susie Beamish, started at 27.30kg last February and went down to 20.86kg in 11 months.

That is a 6.46kg loss which is again around 30% of body weight!

dog Tiggi weight lossTiggi started at 61kg and lost 19.40 kg in 12 months down to 41.60kg.

That is a 32% body weight loss and Tiggi’s owners must be congratulated for their perseverance.

Tiggi is now a lot more active and looks fantastic.

labrador and ownerCongratulations Jet and your new owners for helping him lose 20kgs!

beagle weight lossWe started realising that Twm had put on quite a bit of weight when more than one person asked if he was a basset hound!

The vets at Prospect house confirmed that he was at least 4 kg. above his target weight, which meant he was carrying around the equivalent of 4 bags of sugar. …no wonder he wouldn’t run far after his ball!

We started to look at the quantity Twm ate during a day, especially at the extra titbits he’d get from our table and other treats such as dental sticks. They all added up to far too much food.

We started attending fortnightly weigh-ins arranged by Jayne the Veterinary Nurse at Prospect House and following the advice given. The weigh-ins, which Twm has attended regularly have been a great help in motivating us.

At first the drastic reduction in food intake was difficult both for Twm and for us, as he was constantly hungry. Small treats were now fruit and veg only …..little pieces of carrot and apple , which he seemed to enjoy .

After consulting with Jayne, we decided to bulk up his smaller portions of dry lower fat dog food with grated carrot, white cabbage and apple.

We decided to cut out commercial dog food and to use the very cheapest bonelesschicken bought in bulk and cooked in foil with no added fat or salt. Twm has now lost over 4 kg and is a much livelier, healthier and happier dog!

Well done Prospect House and thank you Jayne!

Dafydd and Meinir

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