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Spring Greetings from all at Prospect House

We hope you and your pets enjoyed the festive period and are having a pleasant start to 2022. Many thanks for all our Christmas cards, presents and wishes, they were all very much appreciated.

With some milder weather, in between the storms, it seems that Spring is finally arriving. Remember to head to this page for more information on the challenges that Spring can bring for our furry friends.

We have seen plenty of curious pets eating the wrong things already this year and Easter chocolate can be dangerously tempting.

We hope that as the year progresses we will continue to see an improvement in the coronavirus pandemic and be able to start lifting our social distancing restrictions.

We will keep you updated on any changes to protocols for you and your pet in the coming months. Thank you all for your patience and understanding over what has been a very difficult two years.  We are all keen to get back to a new normal but this will take time.

We are pleased to be able to offer appointments for your companions at our Llanfairfechan branch surgery on all week days now. Please see this page for the updated Llanfairfechan opening times .

We are pleased to welcome some new members to our nursing team. 

Claire Allen RVN started her career in Veterinary Nursing at Prospect House back when it opened and now rejoins our nurses having recently moved back to North Wales. She has quickly settled back in and is an asset to the team. 

Eleanor McGaw has recently joined us to begin her journey in the Veterinary Nursing field. She will be studying animal care at Llandrillo college alongside her work with us. Eleanor is a fan of animals in all shapes and sizes so is enjoying spending her working days with your furry friends and then devoting her spare time to her horse.

This month we will also see the return of Beth Thornley RVN following her maternity leave.

Another event we are pleased to announce is the birth of baby Felicity to our nurse Abbie in December. Huge congratulations to Abbie and Ben on the arrival of their beautiful baby girl.

You may remember our feature on older pets last Autumn with a particular focus on the common painful condition of osteoarthritis. We have seen many patients benefit with improved mobility following the new monoclonal antibody therapy, Solensia in cats and Librela in dogs. These are given as monthly injections.

Early on following the launch of Librela there were some supply issues restricting the number of dogs we could start on the treatment but we are pleased to hear that these will soon be resolved. We will be contacting patients who were on our waiting list for Librela but if you feel your dog may benefit from this as part of their osteoarthritis management please get in touch. You can also find more information here.

Although osteoarthritis was traditionally thought to be a condition of dogs we are now recognising that many older cats suffer from this too. Our feline friends often show discomfort in a more subtle way such as reduced grooming, difficulty jumping up onto surfaces and reluctance to exercise or go outside.

If you have an older cat who you feel may be struggling with their mobility please get in touch with the practice to see if Solensia could benefit them. For some cats we have the chance to trial their first injection for free when their owner fills in a mobility questionnaire.

Our Facebook page continues to keep you updated on our news and interesting cases. It is also an important way to share information about stray animals to help get them reunited with their owners. Many thanks to all our followers who share these posts and help us get missing pets back home.

Once again many thanks to all our clients for your support and to your companions for being such perfect patients. Wishing you all a happy and safe springtime.

From the Prospect House Team