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Charity Work

Our Charity Work

Since opening in 1985, Prospect House has provided a veterinary service for the RSPCA Bryn y Maen Animal Shelter. During this time both our clinic and the shelter have developed and grown beyond recognition but a strong bond between both sets of staff remains.

dogOne of our veterinary surgeons visits Bryn y Maen once a week to provide health checks for residents. We also see staff at the clinic most days with animals for neutering, other surgical procedures and investigations.

We also work closely with the RSPCA inspectors and one of our veterinary surgeons regularly attends court on behalf of the RSPCA when prosecuting a cruelty case.

The RSPCA clinic in Llandudno Junction provides a basic veterinary service for up to two animals per household for owners on a mean tested benefit.

The fees for this service are heavily subsidised thanks to the hard work of the RSPCA volunteers.

Prospect House has also worked closely with Cats Protection over the years. The volunteer work carried out by its members is outstanding and hundreds of cats have benefited from their care and kindness in giving shelter, food and finding new loving homes.

Their annual Neutering campaign has contributed in keeping numbers of unwanted kittens down every Spring.
There have also been a number of other smaller rescue organisations with whom we have worked, over the years providing a neutering and vaccination service.

Click for the Bryn-y-Maen Animal Centre that we work closely with