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Puppy Classes

Our puppy classes have been running since 1999 and have proved to be a great success. There are huge benefits to puppies and owners, which can be seen throughout the puppies’ lives.

Socialisation at an early age is very important for puppies, and the parties enable us to:

• mix different breeds of puppies whose appearance and body language may differ widely
• increase the confidence of puppies with other dogs, adults and children, which stays with the puppy for life
• help the puppies to become accustomed to being handled and to having contact with staff in the vets
• ensure the puppies enjoy themselves, so they are keen to return time and time again!

puppy party Prospect House VetsPuppy parties also give us the opportunity to:

• educate our clients, give them reassurance and answer any queries
• bond client and puppy to key personnel – a relationship which has proved to be invaluable
• offer advice on handling, toilet training, socialisation, worming, ectoparasites, endoparasites, chipping, neutering and insurance

Puppies are allowed to run free and encouraged to play together under close supervision.

There is a guided tour of Prospect House.

JOIN SARAH AND JAYNE ON A TUESDAY AFTERNOON (wait for your personal invite )

The parties run over three weeks with a maximum of 8 puppies. The cost for the course is £15 with party bags included. (10% discount for puppy package clients).
“To the wonderful puppy party hostesses at Prospect House vets…thanks so much! Woof Woof.”

“In particular I would wish to thank and praise the Puppy Party set up. The professional approach and the knowledge imparted by the staff during the sessions has been invaluable to us as a family. It has helped us take a calmer and more confident approach when dealing with our puppy. This has resulted in a much greater understanding of how to deal with the challenges of having a new puppy. A huge thanks to you all. The photo above speaks for itself with Jayne and Sarah in full control!”
Mollie Roberts