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We were very excited to launch laparoscopic (‘Key Hole’) bitch spay services in June 2023. Phil Owen, our Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Surgery, is performing this surgery in our Colwyn Bay Hospital.

This minimally invasive technique has been shown to reduce postoperative pain in dogs and speed recovery.

Bitches are expected to return to normal activities just 3 days after surgery due to smaller wounds and reduced tissue trauma and inflammation.

For more information and to book your pet in for Keyhole surgery please call the practice on 01492531448 or email us on

With recent advances in equipment and expertise laparoscopic (or ‘Key Hole’) surgery is being performed more commonly by veterinary surgeons. Many people are well aware of the benefits of this technique in humans and we are now able to offer these benefits to our canine patients.

The surgery is suitable for dogs between 8 and 35kg but others can be accommodated if appropriate.

Benefits of laparoscopic surgery include:

– Reduced post-operative pain
– Quicker recover and return to normal activity
– Reduced risk of wound breakdown or complications
– Reduced trauma to tissues during surgery and smaller wounds

The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia with the abdomen clipped and prepared for the sterile procedure. 2 small cuts (incisions) are then made, with the abdomen gently inflated with gas to allow visualisation of the internal organs.

The ovaries are then removed using a special vessel sealing device meaning there is minimal risk of bleeding. Studies have shown no benefit in removing the uterus as well as the ovaries and a reduction in post-operative pain when only the ovaries are removed. The 2 small incisions are sutured at the end of the procedure.

Your dog will go home with a body suit or collar to prevent licking at the surgical sites. After a 3 day post op check most dogs will be able to return to normal exercise.

The surgery will have a higher cost than a traditional spay operation. Please call the practice if you would like more information on prices or are interested in booking your dog in for this procedure.

We will normally aim to spay bitches 3 months after they have been in season.

If you have any further queries or would like any further information please call us on 01492 531448.

Keyhole Surgery Prospect House
Keyhole Surgery Prospect House

When Prospect House vets announced that Keyhole Surgery for dog spays would be available from June 2023 I immediately messaged asking for more information. My border collie Nel is almost 3 and definitely needed ‘doing’.

Phil kindly phoned me to explain what key hole involves and I was particularly interested to know that due to the minimal invasiveness of the procedure post op recovery can be as little as 48 hours.

The procedure isn’t cheap but on balance I considered it worth the extra cost.
A work colleague had her young dog spayed using the traditional operation a few months ago (a different vets) and I was quite surprised at the length of time it took her to recover back to full activity.  

I’ve only had male dogs before and castration is a very simple and non invasive op by comparison.

Following a pre op check a week beforehand Nel went in for the op on the morning of Tuesday 6th June. She was ready to go home by mid afternoon.  Nel was in good spirits and her usual sprightly self when I picked her up. No sign of grogginess or pain and no need for a ‘cone of shame’!

The only signs of surgery were two tiny incisions on her tummy with no internal stitching either. A post op check up 2 days later confirmed all was well and Nel could return to normal activity!

I can honestly say I’m delighted and so is Nel! . The photos were taken in my garden on Saturday 17th- just 4 days after the op with Nel happy and full of energy. I highly recommend keyhole surgery at Prospect House to any of you considering getting your dog spayed. it’s worth every penny in my opinion.

Trefor Jones

Having previously had bitches spayed the traditional way (uterus removal) I am so very glad to have chosen the Laparoscopy for Ruby. It is a so much less invasive procedure. Ruby was very bright coming home on operation day, seemed comfortable and there was no need for any extra painkillers at home.

The following day she was already completely her normal self and after the 2 day post op checkup she was allowed to resume her normal activities. Thank you Prospect House for this opportunity and for making it the best possible experience for Ruby.

Laparoscopy is definitely the only procedure I will choose for my future female dogs .

We had our dog Riley spayed under keyhole surgery and want to thank you for a great service. We were a bit dubious because it was a new procedure at Prospect House but after only three days she was back to normal and full of life.

The attention from the vet and nurses was excellent and we were reassured throughout the whole process.

It was more expensive than a traditional procedure but considering the comfort and reduced trauma for Riley, the lower risk of complications and quicker recovery time, it was worth every penny.

Vaccine shortages

Vaccine shortages

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