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Pet Bereavement

“Thank you for your care and gentle wisdom keeping her pain to a minimum over her last days and giving her gentle passage to join her sister Cerys.”

Tigger Parsons

One of the most important and valuable parts of our job as a veterinary team, is helping pet owners to make the difficult decision to have their animal put to sleep.

We are all pet owners here at Prospect House and we have all been through the painful process of losing one of our own animals.

We endeavour to make the process of putting your pet to sleep as painless and stress free as possible. We try and offer yourselves as much emotional and practical support as needed, before and after. Losing a pet can be as traumatic as losing a close family member and the grief that people suffer can be equally intense.

If you are visiting the practice with a view to euthanasia , please let our receptionists know so that we can take you to a private room on arrival.

We are more than happy to spend as much time as necessary beforehand with or without your animal to discuss whether the decision for euthanasia is appropriate; the process and what happens afterwards. We encourage people to stay whilst this is done but for some people it is too difficult.

Our private room is there for as long as you need it to say your goodbyes and staff are always available to talk and offer a shoulder to cry on. We are also happy to arrange home visits for euthanasia.

Jayne is our pet bereavement counsellor and is available to talk, be it months later; and to link you to other pet bereavement support services such as and