Only Vets in the area with staff on site 24/7

Our Medical & Surgical Facilities

Prospect House Clinic has an excellent range of facilities for the treatment of your pet

surgery Prospect House• In House laboratory facilities for fast and efficient results.
• Digital imaging suite
• Ultrasound scanner for imaging internal organs
• Fibre optic endoscopes for internal investigations
• Electrocardiogram (ECG) for heart assessment
• Blood pressure monitor
• Fully equipped operating theatre
• Comprehensive anaesthetic and monitoring equipment
• Barrier nursing facilities
• Dental station with ultrasonic scaler, dental x-ray, polisher and drill
• Comfortable kennels with heating and air conditioning
• Separate Recovery Area for detailed observation.
• Separate hospital kennel rooms for dogs, cats and rabbits.

Blood tests can be invaluable for a fast and accurate diagnosis, they can also be used for pre-anaesthetic screening in older patients to reduce the risk.

Screening for early detection of organ malfunction is invaluable in reducing further change.
Blood test results can be obtained within the hour.


• Out of hours emergency cover provided by Vets Now.
• Vaccinations with full health checks.
• Specialised clinics including Weight Control Programmes and Senior Pet Screening.
• Advice on routine pet healthcare, behaviour, nutrition, worming, fleas, dentition.
• Microchipping and scanning.
• PETS scheme for taking your pet on holiday.
• A dedicated telephone line through to Inpatient Care, staff and facilities for visiting.


paw Mon-Fri - Open 8am-7pm
Appointments available
Sat – Opening hours 8-1
Appointments available
We operate an appointment only system with no open surgeries.
In case of emergency or to book appointments please call us on 01492 531448
We also have an online booking system available for non-urgent appointments

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pawBy Appointment
Monday 2.30-6.30
Tuesday 2.30-5
Wednesday 2.30 – 6.30
Thursday 4.30-6.30
Friday 2.30 – 4.30
Telephone 01248 681408

Outside of these times please contact the Colwyn Bay Clinic on 01492 531448