Only Vets in the area with staff on site 24/7

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded Veterinary Hospital accreditation. Not all veterinary practices are the same and being a Veterinary Hospital represents the highest standard of veterinary practice in the UK.

The inspection is voluntary and is carried out by independent inspectors by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), our governing body

For the founding partners from 1985, this is particularly special to have built the practice up from 1 Vet and a converted bed and breakfast house to a 7 Vet independent Veterinary Hospital.

We have been a general practice for many years which involves meeting  a multitude of standards across all areas of service but have now met the extra needed to be a hospital.

nurse at Prospect House

RCVS Accredited vet hospitalThese are as follows:

  • Veterinary Hospitals are the only practices where you can be certain your pet will never be left alone. A Veterinary Hospital will have a vet or nurse on the premises 24 hours a day- every day of the year.


In most veterinary practices there is no-one on the premises after the end of evening surgery or over weekends. This means there is no-one on the premises after the end of evening surgery or over weekends.

This means there is no-one on the premises to look after patients that are kept in overnight. No-one to notice that an iv drip drip line has become blocked, a patient has started to vomit or is showing pain.

  • Veterinary Hospitals must have a dedicated, aseptic operating theatre of the highest standard in which to perform your pet’s operation.


  • Veterinary Hospitals have an obligation to make sure their vets and other staff members are well-qualified and up to date.


  • Veterinary Hospitals status ensures xray, ultrasound, dental x-rays, ECG, endoscope, laboratory facilities, an up to date library and much more will be present on site.


  • Veterinary Hospitals guarantee to have a dedicated ward with sufficient, comfortable kennels as well as intensive care and isolation facilities. We have separate wards for cats and dogs.


  • Veterinary Hospitals are required to ensure that if your pet is anaesthetised, there will be a vet or nurse monitoring the anaesthetic form start to finish.


As a hospital we continue to provide all our normal services as a clinic, for our standard fees and the extra accreditation gives all our staff extra pride in being part of a hospital team and reassures all our clients that we work towards the highest standards and their pet is never left without professional supervision.

We also make all our clinical and management decisions within house and are never at any time influenced by corporate restraints.

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