Only Vets in the area with staff on site 24/7

From the 1st of January 2017, Prospect House will have two new partners with Helen Sumner and Philip Owen joining Nigel, Ann and Peter.

The staff are all delighted as this secures the future of the practice keeping it independent with a family atmosphere.

We look forward to working together in developing the clinic to provide the best care and services for all our clients’ pets.

Partners at Prospect House Vets

Great news!

I thank you all for saving my little lurcher girl Poppy after horrendous dog fight injuries……Phil was instrumental in that and I’m eternally grateful.

Because of you she is back to full fitness and a happy girl once again! Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxxx


Diane nurse for 25 years at Prospect House Vets

Diane signing the contract

Nurse Diane witnessed all the signatures on the new contract. Diane then followed Mr Dickinson’s speech for the new partnership with some words of her own shown here –

On behalf of all the nurses and receptionists, I would like to say how proud we are to be a part of Prospect House Veterinary Clinic.

Its ethics, commitment, level of care to animals and clients, and its intention to remain an independent Veterinary practice are some aspects which, I think, set it apart.

I have been a nurse here for 25 years and have seen the growth of the practice, not only in staff terms, but the ever changing/improving level of treatment and diagnostics available.

We are a forward thinking practice, and the appointment of two new partners will ensure this continues.

We are all very happy that Helen and Phil have joined the existing partners, and look forward to continuing to help build on the foundations set by Ann, Dicky and Peter.


Vaccine shortages

Vaccine shortages

We are unfortunately experiencing a supply shortage with some components of our Cat Vaccinations