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*TOP TIP from RSPCA Bryn-y-Maen*
With temperatures soaring this weekend a good tip to keep your animals cool is to freeze a bottle of water and pop it in your pet’s bed area.

This works for all animals, particularly rabbits and small animals that shouldn’t be given frozen foods to eat.

Be aware of flystrike so keep everything clean for your rabbit

Housing needs to be cleaned out frequently and must be adequately ventilated to deter flies. 

Thoroughly clean your rabbits’ home regularly.
Leave some of the used bedding material each time, as this will smell familiar and so provide reassurance.
Clean the toilet areas every day (rabbits tend to pick the same corners of a hutch to toilet in, or you can train your rabbits to use litter trays).

rabbit and ice bottle
Meet Chisel the Cocker Spaniel

Meet Chisel the Cocker Spaniel

Chisel came to see our vets with a limp and it soon became apparent he was having problems with one of his front feet

Our Celebrity Visitor

Our Celebrity Visitor

This little dog who pays visits to the surgery, has a celebrity status, having an acting career in which he has featured in quite a few TV programmes