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Max was brought in one morning looking very depressed and uncomfortable.

He had been vomiting and was immediately put on a drip. Scans and X-rays followed and the results made us highly suspicious that he had swallowed something and it was stuck !

Max was prepared for surgery on off he went to theatre for surgeon Phil Owen to try and put him right.

The gut was hugely dilated and on incision a very putrid sausage shaped object was gently pulled out from the friable intestine.

Once removed , it took us a moment to identify the foreign invader as a pair of rather stretched knickers that he had stolen from the laundry basket!

Happy to report, Max is doing fine and will have all his stitches out this week.


See the full gallery below of Max’s operation and why he looks so sheepish!

Dog Max at Prospect House Vets

Glad Max is ok!!! X My cat is at home recovering after getting hurt and a visit to Prospect House recently x

Phil is brilliant, he really cares about the animals he is saving and empathises with the upset owners bringing our hurt pets to the surgery x

I trust him and all the staff there 100 % with my cats Colin and Eric xx