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This is Poppy, who first came to us in February 2013 when she was 2 years old. At this time Poppy was very unwell and we diagnosed her with a rare form of lymphoma affecting her kidneys and bone marrow.

Between March and September 2013 Poppy had a course of chemotherapy, which thankfully gave her remission from the lymphoma.

Although the average survival time for lymphoma patients after chemotherapy is 12months we are pleased to say that 5 years on from her diagnosis Poppy is still in remission.

More recently, in November 2017, Poppy developed blood in her urine. On ultrasound scan and x-ray we found that she had a large bladder stone.

We were initially concerned that the lymphoma may have left behind some kidney damage that would prevent an operation to remove the stone.

X-ray of  dog's bladder with bladder stone at Prospect house vets

However, blood tests thankfully showed us that Poppy’s kidney levels were within the normal range. The stone was successfully removed at surgery and sent for chemical analysis.

Poppy’s stone was predominantly composed of a substance called struvite which can recur in about 50% of cases. As a result we will be recommending that Poppy has a prescription diet to make her urine more acidic and reduce the risk of new stones forming.

Throughout all the challenges she has faced Poppy has been a lovely patient. We are very pleased to see her feeling so well after all her treatment.

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