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We’d like to introduce you all to Oli (the tricolour) and his housemate Lola.

Oli was rushed to the surgery 10 days ago after being found unconscious outside his home. He had fallen from the 2nd story (ground floor being level zero), after managing to force open a window that had been left open just a few inches.

The suspicion is that he was after a seagull which had begun perching on the window ledge, and the window was thought to be too heavy to be moved further by a dog.

Miraculously, after being stabilised and having X-rays and scans, the only injury found was a fracture in his lower jaw (highlighted on the photo attached).

The following day after having an anaesthetic to fully examine and assess the injury, Oli was referred to a veterinary surgeon in Bangor who has Specialist skills in dental/maxilla repair, so that the fractured jaw could be repaired using wires.

He was discharged later that day, and came to see us last Monday. He has made a good recovery, and is eating well.

His owner is grateful to the very kind neighbours who assisted on the day of his accident.
(Permission to post from owner)

Grateful for all the help and support Prospect House have shown. Made the horrific experience slightly better with such compassion being shown. A thousand times thank you xx


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