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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Prospect House…..32 years old!

Proud to be an independent veterinary practice owned and run by vets. Thank you to all our clients, past and present.

Happy birthday! My 9 month Labrador has his castration on Monday, and the lovely vet who I spoke with when I picked him up explained that as he was a little bit reluctant to get into his kennel, so she got in first so he would follow her in, and had a cuddle with him!!!

Now that’s going above and beyond in my eyes and little gestures like that make us fellow animal parents so much more reassured!

Considering what the poor guy had just been through, I think he quite happily would have stayed there with her, he sat on her knee at one point!! ❤ xxx



Happy Birthday! And thank you once again for saving my cat Barney 3 years ago.  Barney The 3 Legged Wonder Cat xxxx


Spring Hazards

Spring Hazards

As the days start to get longer and the weather improves we start to see new challenges for pets

Vomiting outbreak in dogs

Vomiting outbreak in dogs

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