Only Vets in the area with staff on site 24/7

One big change from Tuesday March 14th is the introduction of appointments for evening surgery.

This will mean our Drop In Surgeries will be Monday to Saturday 9-10am with all other surgeries being by appointment.

We are open all day and have vets available all night for any emergency or urgent case.

Don’t worry if you arrive for evening surgery without an appointment as we will slot you in the next available space and we always have two vets consulting.

puppy in kennel with buster collar

The staff & care at the Colwyn Bay one , is amazing !!!!! My puppy needed an emergency op, and they were fab with him and me as I was a wreck.

Cannot praise them enough, just keep up the amazing work you do !!!!!!


The dangers of lilies in cats

Due to a recent sad case where a young cat licked/ate part of a Lily, we want to remind people NEVER to buy these flowers..