Only Vets in the area with staff on site 24/7

If anyone has a dog or dogs that would be interested in becoming a blood donor, please register them at

They don’t yet have a donor session in Conwy, and need 40 dogs to register before they will consider arranging one.

Canine Blood Donors must meet the following criteria:
– must be over 25kg
– aged between 1-8 years old
– never travelled abroad
– fully up to date with vaccinations
– be fit and healthy and not on any medications
– be of a friendly, calm temperament

Max would be happy to help for a few biscuits!


Meet Chisel the Cocker Spaniel

Meet Chisel the Cocker Spaniel

Chisel came to see our vets with a limp and it soon became apparent he was having problems with one of his front feet

Our Celebrity Visitor

Our Celebrity Visitor

This little dog who pays visits to the surgery, has a celebrity status, having an acting career in which he has featured in quite a few TV programmes