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Coronavirus Update 27th March 2020

We may have said this many times but thank you to all our clients for their support over the last few weeks.

Following update we posted on Tuesday we wanted to give you a little more detail on what these changes will mean for you and your pets

To support the fight against Coronavirus the RCVS, our governing body, have asked us to change the way we work. For the safety of our staff, clients and the wider public we must to assist with the ‘Stay at home’ guidelines and incorporate social distancing into our roles.

During the 3 weeks of lock down phase we are still here ready to treat your animals but only for conditions that are urgent or emergencies. We must postpone routine treatments.

If your pet is unwell during this time please remember to ring us to discuss the problem first. We have detailed guidance from the RCVS on what conditions are considered urgent or an emergency.

Where possible we will try and provide them with treatment following a telephone consultation with a Vet. In normal circumstances we cannot prescribe most medications over the phone but these regulations have been temporarily relaxed.

To do this we need to make a thorough assessment of your pet over the phone, with emailed pictures/videos as necessary. There will be a charge for these phone consultations. Treatments can be posted or collected from outside the practice and payments made by phone.

If your pet needs to be seen at the surgery please remember to tell us if you have any reasons for self isolation, either because you have symptoms of Coronavirus or because you need to avoid risk of exposure to the virus. When you arrive the service we provide will be different to usual

– Please phone us when you arrive or ring the doorbell and wait at the bottom of the steps

– We will collect your animal from the car park as in most circumstances we cannot allow clients into the practice

– We will examine and treat your pet and return them to you with any treatments

– Any detailed discussions and payments will be done over the phone

You will also notice that to make sure we can continue to provide you with this service our staff are now working in small teams rotating on a weekly basis.

We understand that some of your pets are familiar with particular staff but this may not be possible in the current situation. Please be assured though that we are in regular communication with each other and your pet’s condition can be discussed with the Vet who has previously been in charge of their treatment.

Even in these challenging times the treatment your pet receives will still be up to the high standard you expect from us.

We will be available on the phone in the practice from 8am till 7pm on weekdays and 8am till 12noon on Saturdays.

If your pet is unwell out of our normal hours the Vets Now team are here to make sure all patients can receive the treatment they need 24hours a day 7 days a week. They will follow a similar system to us during the current situation starting with a telephone triage.

If your pet is due to receive a routine treatment such as a vaccination, a routine health check or neutering we will have to postpone this for at least this three week period.

We still recognise the importance of these but have to prioritise patients that urgently need treatment. If you have any concerns about what a delay might mean for your pet please get in touch with us and we can provide reassurance. To help you during this period we want to provide as much information as possible

– Booster vaccinations have some flexibility and we do not consider them overdue until 2 – 3months after their due date. If you receive a booster reminder during the next few weeks please bear this in mind. If your pet’s vaccination becomes overdue during this time we will arrange a restart course when routine treatments resume for the same price as a booster vaccination.

– Puppies and kittens that have not had their primary vaccination course must not go to areas where other unvaccinated animals may have been. Please protect them until we can see them by keeping them safe at home.

When it is possible we look forward to meeting them and giving you advice on areas of their care but for now you can access our puppy/kitten advice handout on our website or ask us to email it to you. Don’t forget to consider insurance cover for your new pet too.

– With pets due to be neutered please take care to avoid unwanted breeding during this time. This is particularly important with cats as Spring marks the beginning of their breeding season. Please keep kittens in the house until they can be neutered and keep male and female siblings separate

– Pets due a check up for any regular medications should be able to have this via a telephone consultation provided their condition has been stable. If you are able to weigh your pet at home this will help greatly with our assessment. We will be able to arrange postage or collection of any repeat prescriptions.

The changes we describe will be in place for at least the next 3weeks when the RCVS will reassess them alongside guidance from the government on the Coronavirus situation. We will keep you updated as often as needed.

Thank you again for working with us to safeguard public health while we tend to your pets. We remain fully committed to caring for your companions.

The Prospect House team

Thank you all at Prospect House for caring for our lovely animals and coming into the practice when everything is so incertain and scary.



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