Only Vets in the area with staff on site 24/7

I had to find you to just tell you how thankful I am of how you treated my parents when they lost their beloved dog Oliver whilst on holiday.

Oliver was my mum’s best friend of 14 years. He was the perfect dog. He was always in good health, he stayed with us as long as he could.

But he was tired… it was time to let him go.

What could be worse than your dog having to be put to sleep 100s of miles from home….. well it couldn’t have been better.

The nurses saw my dad struggling with Oliver… he was a very big boy. They came back even though they were leaving and helped him with a stretcher.

The vet was just amazing…. they had all the time they needed. They even put some of his fur in two key rings. The price was as normal, no extra costs.

That was good enough….but on returning over a week later there was a card waiting with seeds and a poem. From start to finish the service was just the best. You don’t get these things from your usual vets.

Thank you so so much for making a very difficult time for my family just that much better.